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Our mobile construction estimate app, Scoper, enables the building surveyor or field expert to efficiently create a report with a scope of work on a mobile device in the customer’s home. The report can then be forwarded to the office, saving time and administration whilst ensuring a consistent approach to surveying and validation. The scope of works can also be printed out on site or emailed to the customer to provide them with immediate clarity around what work will be done.

We also provide a variation option within Scoper that allows any operative to gather key information including video images of  extra  works, which can be instantly sent back from site to a technical member of staff to review and scope. This not only prevents work down time or the need to send a surveyor out, but allows additional works to be assessed, scoped and approved within minutes not days

Scoper syncing with Reflex360

Scoper automatically syncs with Reflex360 Learn more about Reflex360

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Not only does Scoper capture information, measurements and photographs, but it also stores voice recordings and videos taken on site, ensuring that all relevant information is captured and that the customer is fully informed about the process and their options. The information automatically syncs into our operating system, Reflex 360, and produces a comprehensive report for the client.

Being able to capture video footage not only improves the quality and accuracy of the inspections and surveys, but it is a useful tool for fraud prevention.

Scoper technology delivers dynamic questions which can be tailored to your industry, contact us now to see how we can help.

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